VR stands for personal Support and a high Quality.

Basically, we are a manufactory. We manufacture the right seal for each individual customer. We attach great importance to meeting the needs of our customers in full, both in the consulting and development phases. In our own factory in Übach-Palenberg, Germany, we produce and test the products carefully before they are delivered to the customer.
For us, this means that we have to understand the customer’s needs at the outset. Which trade does he operate, what influences affect the machine, what quantities are required? Seals are usually exposed to extreme requirements and we need to understand the process in order to develop and build the perfect product.
This is always done in close cooperation with our customers. We see ourselves here as a long-term companion who offers the highest quality solution and can quickly supply the right individual replacement after wear. Our customers appreciate our flexibility and the high standards we set for our products.

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