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VR Low Friction Seal

This advanced and patented solution merges elastomers with PTFE, leveraging the flexibility of elastomers and the superior frictional qualities of PTFE. By seamlessly integrating these materials, our design guarantees smooth operation and prolonged durability in diverse applications.

VR low friction seal


Medical technology

Among other things for

》Rotating unions

Food industry

Among other things for

》Kneading machines
》Special machines
》Rotating unions

e.g. if the maintenance intervals are to be extended or the temperatures at the sealing points are too high.

Mechanical engineering

Among other things for

》Rotating unions
》Swivel joints
》Underwater applications

e.g. if friction is to be minimized or the pressure is too high for conventional seals.



Among other things for

》Rotating unions
》drying devices



Among other things for

》Navy: i.e. side thrusters
》Rotating unions


Naval / Sub-Sea

Among other things for

》Rotating unions
》side thrusters
》Underwater applications

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Successful customer projects

Rotary feedthrough for air and vacuum / Example laser rubber cutting system

For more precise process control, it was necessary to feed both compressed air and vacuum into a rotating device. Ideally, this should be done via a common channel. In addition, the available torque was considerably limited due to a power transmission using a magnetic coupling.

The VR SAC seal proved to be the optimum solution due to its 2 opposing sealing lips and its energy efficiency.

Laser trimmer
1 m/s
7 bar / 100 mbar
VR seals food and beverage

Modern food processing machines

VR seals are used in machines for food production, especially when conventional rotary shaft seals cause too much friction, smooth surfaces are required or the service life of the current seal is insufficient. Thanks to modern materials, a wide range of applications can be realized.

Machine manufacturer
Up to 40 m/s
Up to 50 bar

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The needs of each company and each machine are different, so prices can vary greatly depending on the work involved. It is therefore highly recommended that you arrange a non-binding consultation.

Our company is based in the district of Heinsberg.

We advise the customer on technical queries. If our product is suitable, we will prepare a non-binding offer and, if it is a standard seal, provide a sample.
Commercial inquiries are processed according to the usual processes. The fact that we can produce in very small quantities means that our customers only have to accept low minimum order quantities.

Simply read the size from the seal, take it from the parts list or measure it and send an e-mail to [email protected]. You will receive an offer within 24 hours.

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Explore our range of energy efficient radial shaft seals for a variety of demanding applications. Our technical catalogue provides a detailed insight into solutions for your requirements. Download the catalogue now to access specifications, application notes and more.

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